Room B Sessions: Social Innovation BarCamp 14 Aug 2010 #sibsyd

A run-down of the Social Innovation BarCamp Sydney sessions held in Room B follows. Please post any thoughts as comments. If you facilitated one of these sessions let us know your name and website so we can link back to you. Also if you’d like to post a summary, or if you have a nice picture from one of these sessions please email us so we can post it here.

11.00 am Twitter for Direct Action
How Twitter and cupcakes helped to raise awareness and funds for the RSPCSA NSW
Facilitated by Kate Carruthers

11.30 am Sustainable Purchasing and Products
Facilitated by Soren

12.00 pm Gen Y – where/what/how?
Open discussion
Facilitated by Rachel Beaney

12.30 pm Impact of Social Innovation in the Public Sector
Facilitated by Martin Stewart-Weeks

01.00 pm Lunch
Sponsored by Cisco
We are delighted to acknowledge Cisco’s support for Sydney’s inaugural Social Innovation BarCamp. With their support we were able to provide participants with a healthy and eco-friendly lunch.

The lovely outdoor setting at the CoFA Paddington campus allowed us to enjoy the fine weather and some lively discussions over lunch.


02.00 pm Using your VOICE to Increase Engagement and Influence
Practical tips and discussion
Facilitated by Tim Noonan

02.30 pm Breaking Myths About Social Innovation
Facilitated by Raul Caceras with Prezi presentation

03.00 pm Creating Change in Government
How to embrace web 2.0?
Facilitated by ?

03.30 pm One Laptop Per Child Australia
Facilitated by ?

04.00 pm What is Education?
Facilitated by ?

04.30 pm Not-for-Profit World?
Facilitated by Donnie Maclurcan


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