Social Innovation BarCamp part of Live Futures 2020

On the 14th of August, at the College of Fine Arts, the 4th Annual Live Futures 2020 Festival will be held.

When we first learned of the festival it seemed like a perfect fit for running the first Social Innovation BarCamp.  The Festival is a gathering of  people within the community who have the intention to create their future at a time when a strong interest in creating social innovation and enterprise  is emerging in Sydney.

As per the write-up of the Festival, the organisers vision is:

“The Live Futures 2020 festival provides a platform for people of all backgrounds and ages to experience and create a positive future, a future everyone wants to live into. The festival offers opportunities to explore technology, entrepreneurial, design, art, science, the environment and social fields and to understand how each of them impacts the world today but also to experience how collaboration between those different fields opens up possibilities to create OUR future.”

After attending the launch party for the festival earlier this week, it seemed there was a positive gathering of people who had the momentum and will to work towards this visionary future.

For those attending the Social Innovation BarCamp make sure you register for Internet access, if you have not done so already.

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