Q: WTF is a Social Innovation BarCamp for? A :Breaking old fashioned conference models! #sibsyd

We’ve all been attending conferences for years. Everyone is similar. We, the audience, sit in serried ranks ready to absorb the wisdom of the expert on the stage sometimes we even take notes.

It’s a model that has works for aeons. But in the meantime some things have changed. Some people have realised The Wisdom of Crowds, others have realised that we learn better through active involvement rather than sitting passively.

And in that world of conferences the idea of the UNconference arose – it looks a bit different to the traditional conference. Because it is a facilitated participant-driven event.  That means that there is not really an audience, instead everyone is a participant.  

The last three photos in this blog post are action shots from previous Australian BarCamps (click on the photos to see where they came from). You can see clearly the different orientation of these events.

Social InnovationBarCamp is more like a gathering for people who have an interest in a particular idea or topic kickstarting a conversation with a group of people who are also interested.

At a BarCamp you can expect to do all kinds of things (so far I’ve talked, drawn pictures, created new businesses, made origami, made new friends, and been inspired to take action).

I encourage you to come along to the Social Innovation BarCamp ready to share your ideas, facilitate conversations, and find new people who have similar passions.

You can expect to be part of the process and part of the conversation – there are no bystanders. All are welcome.

There is no set agenda for Social Innovation BarCamp – when we arrive on the day the agenda will self-organise based on what the participants decide.

If you are interested in building a better world, care about sustainability and social innovation then come along and discover new people and new ideas.

Don’t forget to register here so you can get free wi-fi.

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