Why run an unconference BarCamp to discuss social innovation?

On the 14th of August Sydney will hold it’s first Social Innovation BarCamp.

But why is this different to the multitude of other events on every week?

A **Barcamp  unconference is a chance for all participants to contribute, an opportunity for conversation & for collaboration.

After spending some time now in the social innovation and enterprise community I have connected with many switched on, bright, enthusiastic and optimistic people who are full of ideas.

These people are agile, innovative, quick and nimble and, those who are fresh to this, are not bogged down with the same thinking that has created some of the major social problems we now face as a society.

At the same time I have also met many inspirational leaders, those who may have spent time on personal development, who place higher value on what they can share and how they can contribute as opposed to the accolades or pats on the back they may get for the “talk” they have just given.

Real change and progress has the opportunity to happen when these people are placed in a room together, given an open platform to contribute and collaborate.

It could potentially go all wrong, trusting the people to make something happen. But, after in depth analysis of people and what they can contribute I feel we are smarter as a group when we are all given the chance to have our say, to contribute and to work with each others experience and optimism.

Instead of being passive  absorbers of information and stale marketing messages, we have a chance to create new models and ideas as a group, taking the next vital steps in making a difference. And that is worth taking the risk!

Register for Sydney’s first Social Innovation BarCamp here

**A Barcamp is an unconference created by the tech community. The name BarCamp is a playful allusion to the event’s origins, with reference to the hacker slang term, foobar: BarCamp arose as a spin-off of Foo Camp, an annual invitation-only participant driven conference hosted by open source publishing luminary Tim O’Reilly.

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