Format of Social Innovation Sydney

Apart from our slight name change from Social Innovation BarCamp to Social Innovation Sydney, we also decided to add a BootCamp component to the day.

What is a Social Innovation BootCamp?

A Social Innovation BootCamp is a space for people who want to workshop how to bring a social innovation idea to life. There will be a number of facilitated discussions on relevant topics to help kick start this process (session plan here). Everyone is welcome to join in these sessions or to move between them and the BarCamp sessions on the day.

What is a Social Innovation BarCamp?

A Social Innovation BarCamp is not a traditional conference. It is an unconference. In the case of Social Innovation BarCamp, the sessions are facilitated conversations. That is, there is no speaker at the front of a room that has an audience.

Instead there is a facilitator or session leader who frames and encourages a conversation about the topic that they have proposed. Participants come along ready to get involved and not just sit back as an audience.

Check out the facilitated conversation format as outlined here.

Format of the Day

We will have 3 rooms for the day

  • Room 1 and Room 2: The Unconference BarCamp
  • Room 3: The Social Innovation BootCamp

This will allow the open conversation that was such a success at the first event, where we created the content and discussed the issues important to us.

You don’t need an idea to take part in these facilitated talks, just come along ready to share your thoughts and opinions.

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