Format of the day – Social Innovation BarCamp 6 Nov (free registration)

The next Sydney Social Innovation BarCamp has two parallel streams:

  • a traditional BarCamp facilitated conversation format as outlined here

  • a series of BootCamp sessions as outlined in the session plan here

We’ve adopted these two streams because at our last Social Innovation BarCamp it became clear that, while the conversations and discussions were amazing, a number of people already had a social innovation idea but needed to identify actions to bring their idea to life.

Thus on the 6th November you’ll have a choice between the Social Innovation BarCamp facilitated conversation format and a series of BootCamp sessions.

If you’ve already got a social innovation idea and are wondering what to do next come along and join our BootCamp sessions.

Otherwise if you’re passionate about sustainable design and want to join in the conversation then come along and join our BarCamp sessions.

In any case register for free now – you can choose on the day if you want to join in the BarCamp conversations or the BootCamp sessions (or you can even mix and match between them – it’s up to you).

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