Sustainability in the corporate world? AMP’s Green Wiki

Sustainability in the corporate world? Do they have time for that? Do they care?

Recently I met Ryan Tracey who created a Green Wiki for his company, AMP.

AMP employees are now using wiki software to share tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint in the workplace, collaboratively making our company a better corporate citizen.

I wanted to did a little deeper so I asked Ryan a few questions about the wiki and if it was still being used.

1. What inspired you to create this wiki?

I’m an environmentalist at heart and, after many years of working in an office environment, I was acutely aware of our bad practices – such as wasting paper and leaving computers on overnight. I don’t think anyone does anything like that on purpose, so I wanted to do something new to raise awareness. After initially considering writing a blog, I instead chose to launch a wiki so that everyone across the company can share their ideas on how we can reduce our environmental footprint.

2. How are people using the wiki?

The Green Wiki is used by AMP employees to provide every day tips’n’tricks that we can adopt to help the environment. A couple of examples are the optimum printer settings you can select to minimise the amount of paper you use, and instructions for using virtual conferencing technology to avoid travelling between offices. We also use the wiki to promote broader initiatives in which AMP is involved (eg Earth Hour), to link to external websites (eg Rainforest Alliance), and to raise awareness of informal activities (eg car pooling).

3. Is the momentum still continuing?

Like a lot of social media activity, it goes through peaks and troughs. We have a core group of employees who participate avidly, but the stats show that vastly more people read the wiki than contribute to it. This is not unexpected given the culture shift that is required in a typical organisation for social media to gain traction. I see the Green Wiki as an early step on that journey.

4. Do you spend any time managing?

Not at all. I was very particular to position the Green Wiki as a completely voluntary, self-managed resource. I subscribe to updates to keep a handle on what’s going on, but everyone who contributes content clearly “gets” it. I’m very pleased with community spirit that it enjoys.

Ryan’s post on the wiki and how he sees it here

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