Black Dog Ride video #sibsyd #blackdogride

Tony Hollingsworth shared his story of the Black Dog Ride here recently and promised to share his video as soon as it was ready.  It’s ready now and his post is reproduced here with permission:

I am so thrilled to be able to share this tonight.  My friends ‘Pong and Stil helped me get all my video footage from the Black Dog Ride (over 100 individual video files totalling more than 8GB) ‘Pong then edited a chronological summary of my journey into this 4 minute video.

‘Pong and I first met at the Cupcake Camp fundraising event in 2009.  We caught up again at the first Social Innovation Sydney BarCamp in August 2010 where I learnt of ‘Pong’s own personal story about dealing with depressive illness and some of the films he has been making around mental health.

I posted earlier on this blog about the work that ‘Pong is doing and I also encourage you to visit his website to learn more.  He is a talented artist.  Thank you ‘Pong for your generous contribution here.

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