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How can we build a public sector innovation system?  with Christian Bason:

Masterclass and Free Public Forum

Government and the public sector are key players in shaping and providing social services and decision making on behalf of citizens. But how can we make a public sector that is innovative and responsive to the needs of its citizens?

Christian Bason suggests that public managers take responsibility for building the language, the ability, the process and the leadership practices necessary to create the new solutions that society needs.
  • What is innovation in the public sector, and how do we create a common language about it?
  • What does it mean to build the capacity for future innovation, across political context, strategy, organisation, digitisation and culture?
  • How can we orchestrate the individual elements of a co-creation process, including rich citizen involvement and collaboration across the silos of government?
  • What are the four key leadership roles in driving innovation in government?
Who is this Masterclass for?
Whether you’re inside or outside of the public sector, if you’re interested in how to develop innovative, collaborative public sector practice then this masterclass is for you. This masterclass is for policy makers, activists, leaders in the public and third sectors and citizens with an interest in the shaping of future public policy.
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Free Public Forum: How can co-creation drive public sector innovation?
Building on the substantial hands-on experience of MindLab, the cross-ministerial innovation unit in Denmark, Christian will discuss:
* What does it mean to orchestrate a process of co-creation, involving citizens and communities in policy and service development?
* What is the value of such an approach?
* What are the barriers, traps and pitfalls?
* How to get started using the key approaches of co-creation in government?
Free public forums will be held in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney
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About Christian Bason: Christian Bason is the Director of MindLab, a cross-ministerial innovation unit in Denmark. He was formerly responsible for the public organisation and management practice of Ramboll, an international consultancy. As an experienced presenter and facilitator, he has served as advisor to numerous public institutions around the world. He is also a university lecturer and is the author of four books on citizen involvement, leadership and innovation in the public sector. His latest book, “Leading public sector innovation: Co-creating for a better society” (Policy Press) is out in October 2010.

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