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Since the last event on the 6th of November we have been receiving great feedback & we thought we would let you know.

John Young of Yindi Systems had this to say about the day:

“Congratulations on running a very impressive SIS event.   I would be hard pressed to think of ways to improve what you achieved”

  • the event ran pretty well to the published time table
  • the session facilitators were effective, and in some cases impressive!
  • there were lots of passionate and motivated attendees
  • lunch was excellent!!!
  • my thanks to COFA for offering their venue to host the event
  • the ideas and information that come to the surface during the sessions were exciting, positive and informative for me and my wife, Pamela.
  • the key note pitches by Mark Pesce and Stephen Lawrence were just superb for setting the tone for the day’s activity

Minor tweeks for future events

  • A bigger whiteboard for the session program
  • Have facilitators spend 10 minutes preparation on a small briefing note about each session,  if at all possible.  Even a “pitch” on butchers paper pinned up near the program white board,  or outside seminar room,  so people could read before they enter a session.
  • Space the seminar rooms out a bit – due to a sliding door between Room 3 & 4 there was no sound barrier – so I found it hard to hear properly in Room 4 during 2 of the sessions

I feel very confident about the future of society in Sydney after hearing the ideas that surfaced yesterday.

I just wonder how we could get a better planning system in NSW,  that is not made dysfunctional by the heavy influence of developers and unfettered power of non-elected back room apparatchiks in the NSW, from both the right and the left of politics.

Would love to hear what you thought of the day and, what you would like to see!

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  1. it was nice to see people again and pick up conversations from the last time, or start new ones. think you’re doing well spreading the word so looking forward to meeting new people at these too. i have a lot of other good things to say but will just add a suggestion here for now: I still vote for the rebrand, SI is hard to explain to new pps, but I understand there’s reasons for and against a change.

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