That’s a wrap on Social Innovation Sydney #2


The feedback we’re receiving thus far is that the day created vibrant discussion, new ideas, and actionable steps. The collaboration and shared insight from the experience and passion of the multitude of attendees is the perfect recipe for continued action.

Mark Pesce set the tone of the day by exploring our connection with material items, with our mobile phones. Mark challenged us to just say NO as this was the first step to living sustainably. Stephen Lawrence followed this by noting that the journey to be a Change maker begins with the journey inside ourselves.

The sessions were varied and informative. Popular sessions included Social Innovation 101: skills for citizen change makers, collaborative consumption and Australian opportunities, plus social network & social cause fatigue.  Agenda here

Along with the Unconference Barcamp the Bootcamp stream was successful. Participants stepped through tools and necessary skills entrepreneurs require to develop successful social enterprises. Key topics included Social Innovation business models, giving a great pitch, pitching practice (how to ask for funding) and lean start-up methodology.

“Congratulations on running a very impressive SIS event yesterday.  I would be hard pressed to think of ways to improve what you achieved. I feel very confident about the future of society in Sydney after hearing the ideas that surfaced yesterday.” John Young, Yindi Systems

“Great to have conversations about topics that are important but I never get that chance to talk about”.

But how was it for you?  What would you like at the next Social Innovation Sydney?

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