Unleashing the Awesome Foundation in Melbourne

Two of my favourite Aussie changemakers, Ross Hill and Edward Harran, announced their fascinating new initiative recently and I thought we should share the news here too. If you’d like to get involved in the Awesome Foundation Australia let Ross know via email .

There are heaps of grants out there asking you to fill in reams of paperwork, tell your life story, sign over all your IP, and then still wanting a chunk of ownership in your project. There is certainly a place for these if you need a big amount of cash – but there are also heaps of awesome little projects in the world that only need a small amount to make them happen. That’s where the Awesome Foundation comes in.

We award $1000 grants every month with absolutely no strings attached, and where the only requirement is that your idea has to be really awesome.

It started in Boston last year and has spread to New York, San Francisco, London, and beyond – funding some really awesome projects like putting cameras on kites to take early photos of the Gulf oil spill,
audio tours of the SF Bay Area that walk you through the effects of climate change, and perhaps the most awesome – building a cotton candy cannon.

Edward Harran and I are looking for ten people to form the founding board of the Awesome Foundation in Melbourne. Over the next month we are casting a wide net so that in December we can select a really diverse group of ten to award the first grant in January 2011. Each micro-trustee needs to be willing to commit $100 cash each month at an in-person grant review session where each member will play an active role in collectively selecting the awardee, and be willing to find a replacement micro-trustee should you need to back out of the financial obligation.

Please note that the ten micro-trustees need to live in melbourne so they can come to the face to face decision session over dinner, but the grant awardees can live anywhere in the world (including Sydney).

If that sounds like you please send an email to ross@rosshill.com.au and we’ll be in touch.

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