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Social Innovation Sydney is proud to have showcasing FlavourCrusader at next Saturday’s Social Innovation Sydney:

Sharon Lee of Flavour Crusader took some time to write what inspired her, and what her Social Innovation will do.

A lone strawberry farmer at a bric-a-brac market planted the seed for FlavourCrusader.

His strawberries were amazing–oozing with sweetness and a depth of flavour I had never experienced. The strawberries were soft; their colour dyed my fingers. I told my friends. I emailed others. I blogged it. Go to Rozelle markets for the strawberry man!

I had gotten out of the habit of eating fruit after living in London; it was tasteless. It was pointless. The delicious strawberries were the catalyst for me to begin eating fruit again.

Deliciousness can be a catalyst for change.

Deliciousness plus the interwebs = WIN!

Thus, the FlavourCrusader concept was born — exploring how social and mobile technologies might answer the questions:

How do we encourage people to be healthy by eating their 2 and 5?
How can we help small business compete against the big guys?
How do we persuade people to eat more in tune with nature?

The vision is to create a mobile application to make it easier to get fresh, delicious produce and to create wonderful things with them. And then some…

FlavourCrusader was selected as one of the projects to be explored at the Australian Social Innovation eXchange (ASIX) “Social Innovation Camp” held in March 2010 (More). Since the camp I’ve enlisted the help of some friends and we’ve:

  • Taken a deep-dive into food industry research and spoken to several social-media-savvy foodies and industry folk
  • Worked up some personas (audience profiles) to help us understand who might use the application and what we should start building
  • Created a seasonal food guide focused on Australian produce
  • Developed conceptual designs for the application
  • Explored some of the technical details of how we might build the application
  • Created a prototype of the basic functionality — the building blocks (seasonal food guide + recipes)
  • And this is where you come in… In the spirit of the “lean startup” we’re wanting to get your feedback on this very early version of the application.

It’s barebones. But it’s functional — it’s a hint of much more to come.

It works for my dinner, but will it work for yours?

This is what we hope to find out at the next Social Innovation Camp. We’ll be running an interactive (and we hope fun) session with the aim of finding out how you might use the application features we’ve got to date, what’s missing, and to generate ideas about where it might head in the future. We’d love to meet you there and find out what you think…


P.S. if you’re interested in contributing to the project please come and introduce yourself — we specifically are looking for support for development, testing, and showcasing fresh food — whether you grow, shop, cook, eat, photograph, write, or something else!

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