Social Innovation BarCamp Agenda 26 Feb 2011 #sibsyd

Here is the agenda that evolved at today’s Social Innovation BarCamp.

Time Room F121 Room F119 Room F112
10.00 Opening session 

Robert Fitzgerald in conversation with John Wells

Opening session Opening session
11.30 Leverage Points for Change (Soren) Fresh ideas for SI BarCamp (James Fridley) Acting now to shape the future
12.00 Barefoot Power helping to reduce poverty Charity Sucks and how to fix it (Alex Setup
12.30 De-stimgatising mental health through social media /hashtag activism (Jonathan Crossfield) Communicating YOUR vision Flavour Crusader Test (Grant Young)
13.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.30 Communicating the Avatar Pattern to Ordinary People = Corporate destruction (Andrew Gaines) free Crowdsourcing – where it is, where it’s going
15.00 Got a Project idea for Social Innovation? Need People to Work on it? (Selena Griffith) City switching, design capital across cultures.  How can their solutions become ours & vice versa (Joanne Jakovich) Stimulation & facilitation of participatory democracy for local issues
15.30 How can we crowdsource green power generation (Janine Cahill) free Colossal failure – what didn’t work & what we learned aka #EPICFAIL (Sara Stokely)
16.00 free free previous session continued
16.30 Closing session Closing session Closing session

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