Sydney Cloud startup @Ninefold supports Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd

Social Innovation Sydney is pleased to announce that the Sydney cloud computing startup NineFold has kindly sponsored lunch for the upcoming Social Innovation BarCamp. As Jonathan Crossfield from Ninefold said:

Ninefold - Australian cloud computing provider sponsors Social Innovation Sydney

“Initiatives such as Social Innovation BarCamp are a fantastic way to harness the altruism, knowledge and enthusiasm of small groups of great people. Amazing things can happen when we put our heads together. We see Ninefold as the blank canvas or foundation for all kinds of digital creativity and innovation, so sponsoring the event is a complete no-brainer for a business like ours.”

Don’t forget you can still register for Social Innovation BarCamp – it’s on this coming Saturday 26 Febuary.

For those who are not familiar with Sydney cloud computing startup Ninefold here is some background information:

“Possibly just like you, Ninefold is a group of people with an idea. We saw a need for a powerful and professional local cloud offering that would provide all the benefits of cloud computing with the added advantages of local support, fast speeds and billing in local currency.

But Ninefold is about far more than a bunch of servers linked by technology. It’s about you – the start-ups, developers, digital agencies, and more. How we grow and improve will depend entirely on you, the wider community and the conversations we hope to have.

Launched in early 2011, Ninefold has invested in an infrastructure big enough and powerful enough to really make a difference while guaranteeing our longevity. Yet despite our unbelievably massive cloud, we’re still just a small start up – a close team in a Sydney CBD office space working intensely to develop something spectacular.”

Ninefold also have a special offer: check out they have a $50 early adopter bonus on all sign ups for a limited time.

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