Social Innovation Startup Camp Agenda #sibsyd 7th & 8th May 2011

sign up nowSocial Innovation Startup Camp is all about taking a social innovation idea and turning it into an actionable plan.

It’s an intensive two day session that gives you all the basics you need to bring your idea to life and to explain it to other people (like funders and business partners). Social Innovation Startup Camp will give you reusable tools for clarifying, marketing and presenting your ideas so you can turn them into reality.

Even if you don’t have an idea to work on why not sign up and come along to help other people with their social innovation ideas? Collaboration and teamwork are an essential piece of the puzzle.

To ensure this is a startup camp we will try not to be too structured. This will ensure that we don’t spend our time rushing between sessions, but to give us the time we need to work in our individual teams, and to create our social enterprise prototype or business.


  • Refining the Idea
  • Team Leveraging
  • Research
  • Business plan/strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Design
  • How much will it cost?
  • Funding and finding a sustainable business model

Refining the idea
Exercises to decide and refine your idea for the camp. Remember it’s not about the idea, but the process, the teams you create and work with, especially over this weekend

Team leveraging session
People in the teams network with people from other teams and share ideas on how they leverage each others resources/share contacts: How can we help each other? Ultimate objective is building a collaborative community who can leverage off and share with each other.

Research (who else is doing this in the world, how have they done it?)
Using the Internet to access existing platforms offering this service, finding articles discussing, getting in contact with the social entrepreneurs that run this.

Business plan /strategy
Building a clear strategy for developing the business.

Community Building (formerly known as Marketing)
Building your community, your brand (personal & business) & getting press coverage.

How much will it cost?
In capital, people, hidden costs, time. Monthly burn rate? How much do need to get it off  the ground? What do you need to do financially to make this happen? What are the monthly costs?
Leveraging Technology and the Web to build your social enterprise
Looking at the successful examples of Social Entrepreneurs who have utilsed the web, and tools.
Incorporating design & design principles into your social innovation. This includes:

  • Design testing
  • Branding
  • Image & identity

Funding and finding a sustainable business model

  • Funding sources/ VC’s/ Angel’s/ Grants/ Lean start up model
  • Creating a sustainable business model

Pitching to a Panel

  • to get funds
  • partners
  • family

What it should include?
How simple it should be?

This will include pitching to a panel for appraisal and feedback.

Key take away from this weekend:
10 Things I can do next week to move my business forward

We’ll be announcing who will be running the sessions in the coming days. They’re all people with real life experience in bringing ideas to life.


  1. Yes, I plan to attend. I have real problems working with PayPal, so need another payment method. Direct bank transfer? I can always bring the cash to the meeting.
    Noni McDevitt

    1. hey Noni – we can always do it the old fashioned way. Look forward to seeing you at the Social Innovation Startup Camp.

  2. Hiya,

    I’ve registered but also have another event on the Saturday requiring me leave from noon onwards. I’m free all day Sunday though. Is this going to be a problem?


    1. Hi Andrew – not a problem at all. You’re free to come & go as you need. Obviously more of Social Innovation Startup Camp is better. I’m sure the participants will help you catch up on the Saturday afternoon action 🙂

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