Social Innovation Startup Camp – getting things started

One thing that we’ve noticed is that there is a lot of interesting social innovation ideas around but that often people are not sure what steps to take to turn those ideas into reality.

Social Innovation BarCamps are a great way for people to meet and build relationships with other change makers. However, the conversations that happen at the Social Innovation BarCamps don’t always turn into concrete action.
This dilemma of how to turn interesting ideas, a network of change makers, and some remarkable conversations into real projects has been one that Michelle and I have been pondering all year.

sign up nowWe think that the answer is a Social Innovation Startup Camp. And we’re holding our first one in May 2011. So block out 7th & 8th of May for our first Social Innovation Startup Camp.

A Startup Camp is a face-to-face, collaborative event dedicated to bringing together people – social entrepreneurs, technologists, business strategists, and others – who want to make things happen and enabling them to share advice and information about getting an idea up and running.


What can you expect at the Social Innovation Startup Camp?

You’ll learn the essential skills for taking your idea from concept through to the point where you can explain it effectively to collaborators, the media, funders and investors. Over two days we’ll have experts share the essential concepts and skills you need to bring your idea to life. For example:

  • Refining your social innovation idea
  • Defining your social business strategy
  • Developing a business plan
  • Pitching your idea to other people (like potential investors or collaborators)
  • Technology for your social innovation idea
  • How to use social media and social networking to help
  • Presentation skills

What outcomes can you expect from Social Innovation Startup Camp?

  • The chance to workshop your idea and refine it collaboratively
  • Practice presenting your idea to groups of people
  • Develop your own workbook to document ideas from the workshops

Registration for the 2-day Social Innovation Startup Camp is $40 (plus PayPal fee)

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