Elevator Pitch for Social Innovation Sydney #sibsyd

One of the exercises that we did with the group at the recent Social Innovation Startup Camp was to create elevator pitches for our ideas.

In the spirit of this Michelle has been working on an elevator pitch for Social Innovation Sydney. We’d love to get some feedback on it:

“Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m from Social Innovation Sydney, a platform where changemakers meet to discuss the issues and solutions; and also to create new models with a social and/or environmental benefit.

We predict, based on overseas examples and trends, the tools available, the successful sustainable business models that can be copied and the increasing urgency of the environmental and social issues that we now face that social innovation will grow exponentially within the next 2-5 years.

Currently, the Social Innovation movement in Australia is quite fragmented, struggles to define itself, and has therefore not been able to provide the tools, support or people required to collaborate for increased growth.

Social Innovation Sydney is a series of events, gatherings and an online community that is bringing people together to create an eco-system for this movement to grow, use and share resources, support and empower each other.

Creating this space continues to demonstrate new opportunities, solid businesses, strong connections and collaborations.

We’re looking for people who connect with this message, who see the potential and opportunities in this movement to bring about positive social and environmental change and to encourage them to feel free to express themselves, to pursue projects and find solutions for the issues that they are passionate about.”

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