Experiencing a culture of social innovation overseas – Nare Hakhverdyan

Introducing Nare Hakhverdyan. She will be helping us out at the upcoming Social Innovation Sydney events including the Economics of Happiness film screening, StartUp Camp and the end of month BarCamp.

Here’s what she has to say about Social Innovation, her experience of it in Europe and Denmark and why she is excited to be a part of it here:

The world is changing and our community is facing significant challenges. So what are our best options going forward?

As a young woman who is passionate about making change and participating in the global community I decided to cross the ocean and travel to the other side of the globe to find inspirations and exchange ideas on social, cultural and environmental challenges we face together.

In my search of experiencing a culture of innovation in Australia, I was lucky to get the opportunity to work with Social Innovation Sydney.  Lucky because I get the chance to work with something I truly enjoy and care about.  To work with engaged people with ideas who want to create value for society and deliver a social benefit is very dear to me and I can’t wait to really explore this environment! I’m really excited about the upcoming events in May where I will have the chance to contribute with my knowledge within social innovation in Denmark and at the same time be inspired by others. To build global network of individuals to drive social innovation is important as we have come closer to each other due to the globalization.

Culture of innovation is shaped by the national culture, and I am sure that working here in Australia will be a different experience from the one in Denmark.  I have experience in working with innovation in Denmark where I dealt with projects that aimed to equip young people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy. Denmark is one of the most innovative countries and has been labeled as an ‘innovation leader’ along with other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and UK. Social innovation is widespread in Europe and many organizations contribute to meeting social needs where they focus on health, welfare and education services.

The crisis we face today has only confirmed the necessity for change in the way we approach our social and economic challenges.  There are several ways to find sustainable solutions to the challenges and social innovation is now more needed than ever. Any innovation emerges from certain background in society and therefore different types of innovation emerge in different societies. Hopefully this trip will help me to achieve a better understanding of innovation in Australia and will have a positive impact on my engagement in the global community.

Nare Hakhverdyan
Studying economics in Denmark


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