Feedback about Social Innovation Startup Camp No. 1 #sibsyd

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in Social Innovation Startup Camp.

Here are some of the words used by participants to describe how they felt at the wrap up on Sunday:

Participant's Feelings after Social Innovation Startup Camp May2011

One participant noted:

“I left here on Saturday evening totally inspired and thrilled to have been a part of this. Tonight – feeling a little exhausted, but high on the experience.”

and another participant shared:

“I am…

Inspired, motivated – to keep chasing my goals (even if they may be years away from fruition!)

Glad to have been here to listen, participate and learn from social innovators , good to see ‘good’ work being done!”

As part of our open collaborative process the people at our first Startup Camp shared with us the things they liked and which they think we should do more of next time:

  • brainstorming
  • networking
  • team collaboration
  • learning specific skills, e.g. presenting
  • diversity of presenters
  • short bursts of information sessions
  • sharing experiences – fresh perspectives
  • tempo – sessions moved quickly
  • diversity and variety of the content
  • low key and engaging
  • good opportunities for involvement

Some of things they suggested we need to add/improve were:

  • revise pre-Startup Camp communications for clarity
  • clarify the collaborative/adaptive nature of the process at Startup Camp
  • post Startup Camp list of resources and information takeaways
  • get previous participants to attend future Startup Camps to report on their progress
  • include session on research/competitor analysis
  • include session on legal issues for startups for social entrepreneurs

The feedback was very positive and the consensus was that this Social Innovation Startup Camp worked well and is worth running again.

A big thank-you also to our presenters – @grantyoung @totocol @josiethexplorer @DebuSPi @kimosaur @Mia_Will – who shared their insights and experience so openly.


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