Nov 12 ‘Talking Sydney’ Unconference

3 more Speakers Announced: “Talking Sydney” Unconference Saturday 12th of November

Social Innovation Sydney will be tackling the big issues at the Talking Sydney Unconference on Saturday the 12th of November.
Venue: Barangaroo site office, Level 21, AON/Maritime Trade Towers, 201 Kent St, Sydney

Keynote speaker: Mark Stickdorn, author of This is Service Design.

Lightning Talks
Max Moldovan – 
Research Scientist at AIHI-UNSW, Research Analyst and Director at Supremum Consulting (health)
Mattieu Gallois – Art and Architecture (housing)
Clr Andrew Wilson, Liberal member for Parramatta, Treasurer of WSROC (food)

Social Innovation Sydney Event


Dr Max Moldovan, Research Scientist at AIHI-UNSW, Research Analyst and Director at Supremum Consulting.

Max Moldovan is a research scientist working for the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI), University of New South Wales. He is currently involved in the several research projects dedicated to improvement of quality and safety of national and international healthcare systems and finding the genetic basis for responsiveness to medical treatments, e.g. in the context of multiple sclerosis.

Max belongs to the new generation of cross-disciplinary scientists who bring fresh innovative vision to often dogmatic and functionally static research fields. After completing his PhD in the University of Melbourne, Max moved to the Walther and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research where he worked as a leading analyst in the international research team and co-authored several genetic discoveries. The outcome of the hepatitis C virus research eventually led to the development of the effective diagnostic procedure, and is currently one of only few genetic discoveries that actually found the way to clinical practice. Max has also co-authored the discovery related to neurogenomics of opiate addiction and maintains active interests in this emerging research stream.

After joining the AIHI in 2010, Max devoted substantial effort to the analysis of national and international healthcare systems. Just recently he proposed the concept of organisational vitality and applied it to the broad analysis of 44 healthcare accreditation organisations operating in 38 countries. This has in part contributed to the decision made by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) to allocate the international healthcare accreditation organisations database in the University of New South Wales.


Mathieu Gallois has degrees in both fine arts (MA) and architecture (BA). Since 1997, his practice has entailed some 50 national and international art exhibitions, many site and context specific works (that sit somewhere art and architecture) and speculative collaborative ‘activist’ propositions such as and Mathieu has received major grants from the Australia Council and has been selected for numerous national art awards, receiving high commendations and popular choice awards for his entries. He is a Samstag Scholar. His practice is documented on his web site:

Clr Andrew Wilson, Liberal member of Parramatta, elected Deputy Mayor, Treasurer of WSROC (food)

WSROC has long campaigned on the importance of recognising and preserving Sydney’s peri-urban agricultural lands and calling for a balanced and integrated land use strategy so that we don’t lose all our farmland piece by piece

Key points of Andrew’s comments include:

  • Role of councils in managing issues surrounding peri-urban agriculture
  • Competing land use demands and policies
  • Health issues
  • Food affordability and nutrition awareness among lower socio-economic groups
  • Community engagement  – Buying and selling local
  • Agriculture as a key driver of the WS economy
  •  Impact of Carbon tax on food pricing

And our keynote speaker:
Marc Stickdorn
Service Design Lecturer & Consultant, Management Center Innsbruck, AustriaMarc graduated with distinction in Strategic Management and Marketing and worked in various tourism innovation projects throughout Europe. Since 2008 Marc is full-time staff at the MCI – Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, where he lectures service design and innovation.

His research involves the development of the mobile ethnography app myServiceFellow, the Customer Journey Canvas and various publications. Currently, he leads an international research project funded by the European Union on mobile ethnography for service innovation in tourism destinations. Marc is co-founder of Destinable, associate of DesignThinkers and guest lecturer at various international universities. He is editor and co-author of the multi-award winning textbook “This is Service Design Thinking”.


What: Talking Sydney Unconference

When: Saturday, 12th Nov 2011, 10am – 4pm
Where: Level 21, AON/Maritime Trade Towers, 201 Kent St, Sydney, 2000 map
Who: People interested in or involved in design & social innovation
Why: To explore applying design practice to key problems in Sydney
Register here

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