INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2012 Re-generation: Shape our feminist future!

Don’t have plans for 10th March? Why not celebrate International Women’s Day in a tangible way by joining this march in Sydney?

WHERE: First Fleet Park
WHEN: 12PM – 3PM, 10 March 2012

IWD 2012 Women's MarchThis International Women’s Day join your feminist community for a community picnic, live music & world-changing chatter.

Last year was the 100th Anniversary, so let’s look forward this year!

Meet some fabulous young women & hear their views.

There will be fantastic feminists to chat to.

There will be lots of feminist organisations to find out about.

There will be feminists working for a world where there is creative stuff, fun & fairness for all.

There will be information for you to gather and spaces to talk & share ideas.

There will be fabulous female artists.

There will be you.

It’s your world. Start shaping it on IWD 2012.

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