Interview with Steve Lawrence: the ‘grandfather of social enterprise’ in Australia

It is with sadness we report that Steve Lawrence has passed away after a long illness. He will be missed greatly and we extend our deepest sympathy to Steve’s family.

Steve Lawrence has been a mentor, an inspiration, and a guide to many of us who are involved in social enterprise and social innovation in Australia. This interview with Steve from the Centre for Social Impact is highly recommended.

“This is very special edition of Yakety Yak, featuring the man who many call ‘the grandfather of social enterprise’ in Australia – Steve Lawrence.

Some of Steve’s background and achievements are summarised in the usual Yakety Yak introduction below.

This Yakety Yak is special because Steve was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2007. After years of treatment, Steve’s doctors recently told him that his time is short. At the suggestion of one of Steve’s close friends, we asked Steve whether he’d like to participate in an interview to capture and share some of his life’s stories and learnings, and Steve very graciously agreed. Filmed with some close colleagues and families in attendance, this video is the result.

Some of Steve’s friends also recently launched the Steve Lawrence Social Innovation Sub-Fund to further develop a number of initiatives Steve has been working on in recent years. If you’re someone who Steve’s helped or influenced over his decades of service to social outcomes, or just someone inspired by this video, please consider contributing.

You can read more about the fund here or jump straight to the Australian Communities Foundation website and contribute  here. (Enter the name of the sub-fund you wish to donate to and the amount you wish to donate without the dollar sign.)

Steve’s still a very busy man, but he’s kindly offered to try to respond to anyone’s questions if you have one. To ask a question – or make a comment – please visit our blog page here.

In the meantime, please enjoy the video. I hope you find Steve’s story as inspiring as I do.

Andrew Young

CEO, the Centre for Social Impact.”
Source: Centre for Social Impact

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