Call to action: Changing the world through toilet paper via @ThinkActChange

Avis Mulhall over at Think-Act-Change has just the put the call out for people to help out with this interesting project.

Why not answer the survey and sign up to find out more about how you can help people via toilet paper?

Howdy Fellow Changemakers!

As you know, I’m all about changing the world and I know you are too.

So I’m launching a brand new venture that will aim to do just that – LooLoo Paper – and I need your help!!

I need you to take this quick survey (30 seconds!) and share it with as many friends as is humanly possible:

So what exactly is LooLoo Paper? We sell toilet paper by subscription and donate 100% of our profits to NGO’s working to eradicate diarrhoeal diseases – one of the biggest killers of children under 5 in developing countries.

We know you’re going to love LooLoo Paper just as much as we do. Because now, with LooLoo Paper you can make a difference, just by buying our toilet paper.

But first up, we need your help so we can reach as many good folks as possible. We’re talking friends, family, your boss….even that neighbour you don’t really like that much. So please, go forth, spread the word and lets start a Think Act Change toilet paper revolution!!!!

Sign up here:

Thanks for your support folks!!


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