Social Innovation at Changemakers Festival 2014

We are delighted to announce that Social Innovation Sydney will be hosting two events as part of the 2014 Changemakers Festival.

Social Innovation Bootcamp and Unconference

Full day event designed to assist people with great ideas to meet people who are interested in helping make great ideas happen.
Eventbrite - Social Innovation Unconference and Bootcamp
Join Enactus UNSW, Social Innovation Sydney, and Think Act Change for a morning of Unconference style ideas sharing, a long lunch for networking and an afternoon of business model boot-camping to turn your socially innovative ideas into social enterprise reality.

Ideal for people who either want to get their big idea off the ground or who have skills and knowledge to share and want to contribute to helping others in making change for good.

Date: October 18 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Venue: UNSW Art and Design, corner Green’s Road and Oxford Street, Paddington NSW

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Futures for Changemakers Workshop

Every social innovator wants to the world to change, but none of us control how different the future will be. Can you creatively engage with the futures you hope for and those you fear to develop and refine your vision, rather than being paralysed by indecision? We believe you can. This one-day workshop take participants on an imaginative journey into four futures they will co-create, then brings them back to right now with renewed purpose and a clearer focus.

Eventbrite - Social Innovation Futures Workshop

  • Lightning fast introduction to Futures Thinking
  • Telling a Story of Tomorrow – small teams co-create four futures
  • Crafting Your Story – develop a one-page version of your Big Idea
  • Story in a Story – you put your Idea in each future like a model in a wind-tunnel
  • Innovating Innovation – consolidating your discoveries and planning next steps


You will go home with:

  • a better, more robust design for your big idea
  • clearer focus on your purpose and vision
  • new ideas for ways to move forward
  • a sharper picture of what to leave behind
  • better tools for thinking about the future

To ensure deep interaction, seats are limited. Book early.

About our Facilitator
Dr Tim Mansfield (@timjmansfield) has been working as a futurist at the intersection of research and commercial practice since 2008. He has crafted and led futures visioning workshops for companies (KPMG, Woolworths, AMP, TrueLocal and Fairfax Digital), non-profits (AIMIA, NORA, 31 Digital, Australian Science and Technology Exhibitors Network and CSIRO’s Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum Innovation Study) and community groups like Bendigo – A Thinking Community. Tim has an academic background in human-centred design, a decade of practice in experimental theatre and a passionate commitment to spirituality and adult development.

Date:  October 25 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Venue: UNSW Art and Design, corner Green’s Road and Oxford Street, Paddington NSW

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