Thunderbolt: COFA Staff Member’s Sculpture Raises Energy Consumption Awareness

Senior Lecturer, Dr Bonita Ely was commissioned by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to create a public sculpture to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Sydney Olympics. Ely is Head of COFA’s Sculpture, Performance and Installation area. She also co-ordinates the School of Art PhD Program. Ely’s 5.8 metre high sculpture, Thunderbolt, is made from a recycled windmill from Broken … [Read more…]

Interview 3: Steve Hopkins discusses SIBSYD

Steve Hopkins is a Melbournite who made the migration recently to Sydney, further strengthening the ties of the emergent social entrepreneur segment between the 2 cities. He has helped organise events such as Future Summit and Trampoline in Melbourne. Steve is now an important part of the team at AI-Media, he also wears cool scarves! He … [Read more…]

Interview 2: Bronwen Clune talks about SIBSYD

Bronwen Clune is well known online as a writer and commentator, especially via Social Media. Heavily involved in the entrepreneurial community, Bronwen also now works with Pollenizer. Recently, I sat down with Bronwen to get her thoughts and ideas about the Social Innovation BarCamp. Great to hear a perspective from someone who has not dabbled … [Read more…]