Why students prefer Australia for abroad education?

Present generation students always have major preference to go for abroad studies and it may be U.S.A or U.K or Australia or it may be even Canada.

Most of the preferences would be either Australia or U.S.A, it is mainly based on safety and education system of those countries. When it comes to Australia or U.S.A the most preferred location for students would be Australia.

Education system in Australia compared to the US is better because Australia has proved as best educational destination for international students because of its high quality of learning and excellent education system prevailing there.

Australia for abroad education


Moreover Australia is a developed country with strong economic base with well developed infrastructure and less population. Due to all constraints and less population it is made mandatory for Australian citizen to have education till age of 11.

As an advantage Australia has maximum number of remarkable colleges and universities which provides several programs and course. Since the courses are plenty Students would have wide range of choices in selecting their education. Moreover doing education in Australia is more secured and students can learn about art, history, people, culture and life style of the country.

Difference between Australia and U.S. education system:

Most of the students who prefer abroad studies will often gather information about Australian school system Vs American school system it is mainly because Australia and U.S.A are most preferred countries for abroad studies.

Here are some points listed below to avoid confusion about difference in education between Australia and the US.

  • Mostly in all Australian high schools it is mandatory for students should wear uniform but it is totally opposite in U.S. the U.S. high schools do not have any school uniforms.
  • Since The American national flag is symbol of religious it appears in each classrooms of school where such things does not happen in Australian schooling system.
  • The American education system follows traditional way which includes graduation, yearbook, Sadie Hawkins dances, ROTC, National Honor Society and school rings even more such this do not happen in Australia. Most of Australian education systems are modernized.
  • Australian schooling one cannot be find course without extra activities like music, drama and instrument play but in U.S.A schooling mainly concentrate on sports that too main focus on Football and baseball.
  • In U.S.A education system all schools will have grand study hall as common hall for students to prepare. But these study halls do not exist in Australian education system students just sit in silence and can do their work.
  • In Australian schooling the grades are primary school, 9, 10, 11 and 12 where as in U.S. schooling it is given as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.

Apart from all basic difference of schooling between Australia and U.S most of students prefer Australia education system.

Since they have different time table to learn different subjects simultaneously and the examination is not conducted with multiple choices like U.S education system. Moreover the American schooling start August or September of every year where as Australian schools starts early from February to December.