Selena Griffith

Selena Griffith is a designer and academic interested in the roles that designers play in mapping our futures.

After 15 years working in the design Industry she decided to apply her experience to teaching design.

She believes that designers make significant decisions in their work that, due to the potential scale of production, impact on the collective footprint and consumption patterns of those who consume their designs. If well informed these decisions can make very positive change though reducing resource usage, providing considered end of life options and extending usage.

She also believes that design thinking can be used to solve most problems in innovative waysand  that designers cannot make effective change in isolation. They need to collaborate and co-create with people across all professions. To assist students to become agents for positive change she has developed courses in sustainability, design management, design practice, collaboration and innovation and has also designed a number of serious games to illustrate the interconnections of everything we do.

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