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Call to action: Changing the world through toilet paper via @ThinkActChange

Avis Mulhall over at Think-Act-Change has just the put the call out for people to help out with this interesting project.

Why not answer the survey and sign up to find out more about how you can help people via toilet paper?

Howdy Fellow Changemakers!

As you know, I’m all about changing the world and I know you are too.

So I’m launching a brand new venture that will aim to do just that – LooLoo Paper – and I need your help!!

I need you to take this quick survey (30 seconds!) and share it with as many friends as is humanly possible: http://goo.gl/1UfFV

So what exactly is LooLoo Paper? We sell toilet paper by subscription and donate 100% of our profits to NGO’s working to eradicate diarrhoeal diseases – one of the biggest killers of children under 5 in developing countries.

We know you’re going to love LooLoo Paper just as much as we do. Because now, with LooLoo Paper you can make a difference, just by buying our toilet paper.

But first up, we need your help so we can reach as many good folks as possible. We’re talking friends, family, your boss….even that neighbour you don’t really like that much. So please, go forth, spread the word and lets start a Think Act Change toilet paper revolution!!!!

Sign up here: http://signup.looloopaper.com/

Thanks for your support folks!!


Celebrate Diversity in Innovation for Social Media Day #smday

We thought it was a good idea to have a look at diversity as part of Social Media Day in 2012 and decided to get together with Community Brave for an event on 30 June 2012 in Sydney.

The Community Brave Foundation is a collaborative community project to eradicate online bullying, homophobia, transphobia and youth suicide. Targeting youth, they aim to change the world through support, education and social media.

Please join us to celebrate Diversity In Innovation. Our goal is to bring people together to build networks, collaborate in education, and harness the power of social connections to fulfill their project needs.

As an official event for Mashable’s World Social Media Day, we think there is a lot of shared value here, and it is our pleasure to invite you to to participate in this event.

The forum will cover a range of topics from crowd sourcing to how to understand the differences in vocabulary across the gender / sexuality spectrum

Featuring guest speakers such as:

We look forward to connections being made at this forum and projects springing up everywhere that involve members of the two communities – because it’s about time we started to see lots of Diversity in Innovation here in Sydney.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday June 30th 2012
Time: 10am – 4:30pm
Food: We’re providing lunch, soft drinks and snacks
Place: Vibewire HUB: 525 Harris Street Ultimo (right across the road from the Powerhouse Museum)
Cost: FREE!
RSVP here

On behalf of everyone at Social Innovation Sydney and Community Brave – we hope you can make it!

Interview with Steve Lawrence: the ‘grandfather of social enterprise’ in Australia

It is with sadness we report that Steve Lawrence has passed away after a long illness. He will be missed greatly and we extend our deepest sympathy to Steve’s family.

Steve Lawrence has been a mentor, an inspiration, and a guide to many of us who are involved in social enterprise and social innovation in Australia. This interview with Steve from the Centre for Social Impact is highly recommended.

“This is very special edition of Yakety Yak, featuring the man who many call ‘the grandfather of social enterprise’ in Australia – Steve Lawrence.

Some of Steve’s background and achievements are summarised in the usual Yakety Yak introduction below.

This Yakety Yak is special because Steve was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2007. After years of treatment, Steve’s doctors recently told him that his time is short. At the suggestion of one of Steve’s close friends, we asked Steve whether he’d like to participate in an interview to capture and share some of his life’s stories and learnings, and Steve very graciously agreed. Filmed with some close colleagues and families in attendance, this video is the result.

Some of Steve’s friends also recently launched the Steve Lawrence Social Innovation Sub-Fund to further develop a number of initiatives Steve has been working on in recent years. If you’re someone who Steve’s helped or influenced over his decades of service to social outcomes, or just someone inspired by this video, please consider contributing.

You can read more about the fund here or jump straight to the Australian Communities Foundation website and contribute  here. (Enter the name of the sub-fund you wish to donate to and the amount you wish to donate without the dollar sign.)

Steve’s still a very busy man, but he’s kindly offered to try to respond to anyone’s questions if you have one. To ask a question – or make a comment – please visit our blog page here.

In the meantime, please enjoy the video. I hope you find Steve’s story as inspiring as I do.

Andrew Young

CEO, the Centre for Social Impact.”
Source: Centre for Social Impact

Crowdsourcing Workshop in Sydney with Ross Dawson 16 April

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are an important sources of resources and revenue for social innovators. That’s why we’re pleased to let you know that these workshops are on in Sydney. Ross Dawson has been exploring crowd business models for quite a while now and has written extensively on the topic.

There are two sessions and you book for either one or both >Registrations are now open – details here

  • Getting Results From Crowds workshop
  • Crowd Business Models workshop

Ross has been a good friend to Social Innovation Sydney since we started and has kindly offered us a discount – use the code SIBSYD when registering for these workshops.

“Crowdsourcing is a very important tool for Social Innovation including from a Gov 2.0 perspective, for crowdfunding and for various other business functions including for logo design and branding, outsourcing of tasks etc.

Futurist, Ross Dawson is running two 1/2 day crowdsourcing workshops on Monday, 16 April 2012 to show you how to get the best out of crowdsourcing, for your enterprise.The morning session is How to Get Results from Crowds with panelists including Matt Barrie of Freelancer, Alec Lynch of Design Crowd, Luke Metcalfe of Rapid Intelligence and Alan Crabbe of Pozible.  The workshop will explore how to tap the power of crowds, the value and risk for your enterprise, choosing the best crowdsourcing platform, and managing crowds effectively.

The afternoon session explores Crowd Business Models with panelists including Phil Morle of Pollenizer, Rebekah Campbell of Posse and Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin of Blue Chilli. The workshop will explore monetisation models and success factors, roles of crowds in emerging startup business models factors, business models of successful startups, designing and adapting crowd business models for your own ventures.”

More details at The Insight Exchange 

Getting Started Online: Tools, Tips, Systems & Strategies for Social Media & Online Engagement

Still finding the idea of implementing a social media strategy for your project or organisation a bit daunting?

Then this 1 day workshop with David Hood is just the thing to help get your idea off the ground.

If you:

Have an idea for a campaign, enterprise or event and want to learn how you can effectively use social media and other online tools to build awareness, attract funding, engage supporters and build community?

Want to learn how you can get started for minimal cost and with limited time and resources? Would you like a simple and easy to implement strategy that you can scale and adapt as you prepare to launch your campaign or build your business?

Eventbrite - Getting Started Online: Tools, Tips, Systems & Strategies for Social Media and Online Engagement

In this one day workshop you will:

  • discover the most popular and useful online tools, applications and social media platforms to be more effective, grow awareness and scale impact
  • design a system that enables you to curate, share and produce quality content for your blog, website and social media channels simply and efficiently
  • outline a strategy to launch your organisation’s next initiative, grow your community of supporters, connect with key stakeholders or build your market

David Hood - @davidahoodJoin communications strategist and digital media practitioner David Hood, for this practical workshop packed with knowledge, tips and insights from over five years of experience working with leading organisations including GreenpeaceHub MelbourneRMITSchool for Social Entrepreneurs and TEDxMelbourne, and social entrepreneurs and change-makers from all over the world.

We’ll explore why you would use:

  1. social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  2. blogging and web platforms WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous
  3. Eventbrite, Meetup and Storify for events
  4. email and newsletter site Mailchimp
  5. mobile apps so you can create and share content anywhere

We’ll also cover the basics of branding, principles of service design, useful resources and tools for online collaboration and productivity.

Registration includes access to a Yammer group for online communications, support & collaborative learning before, during and after the workshop

Eventbrite - Getting Started Online: Tools, Tips, Systems & Strategies for Social Media and Online Engagement

Link to pdf of venue 

NOTE: We are running this event on a cost recovery basis with any additional funds going to support the ongoing activities of The Collaboratory Melbourne and Social Innovation Sydney

Interesting: The Naked Brand Film

This is an important topic for our times! And it is an issue that has driven discussion and thinking at Social Innovation Sydney from the beginning. This film confronts the new reality facing brands in a world where transparency is there, whether they like it or not.

Bad Companies Can’t Hide Behind Great Ads Anymore

They can’t abuse the environment and tell us they’re green, hide corruption behind a clever headline, or sell the same old junk as new and improved. We’re just not buying it.

Now we have constant access to information that tells the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them—and that changes everything.

In The Naked Brand, veteran ad man Jeff Rosenblum turns an introspective eye on the corporate world. He shines a spotlight on brands that say one thing and deliver another, asking industry luminaries the question that’s on everybody’s mind: now what?”
Source: The Naked Brand Trailer

Check out The Naked Brand Film website or watch the trailer:

The Naked Brand Trailer from EnricoPavia on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mark Pesce for sending through the link.

We’re excited about “Crowdfunding for Change” Wed 14 March #thinkactchange #sibsyd

Social Innovation Sydney is delighted to invite everyone to come along to this ThinkActChange event:

“Crowdfunding for Change” – Wednesday 14th March from 6-8pm. Doors at 5.30pm.

This month we’re aiming to bring you the biggest ever ThinkActChange! For this unique event we will be partnering with both Social Innovation Sydney and The Fetch.  

Venue on the evening, door prize and drinks will be provided by our sponsors for the night, Ninefold.

The theme will be “Crowdfunding for Change” and our special guests on the evening will be from Indiegogo, the worlds leading international crowdfunding platform. Indiegogo have been featured in Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and The Huffington Post as well as on CNN.

So the question is; what is crowdfunding and why should you care?

The simple fact is that there are so many people in this world like you and I, with great ideas and big dreams, who are looking for the opportunity to get funding. Crowdfunding offers anyone with an idea – creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial – the tools to effectively raise money, build awareness of their project and get their ideas started.

At this event we’ll feature a panel discussion about crowdfunding & how it can be used for social good. Keynote speaker on the evening will be Adam Chapnick.

 Adam Chapnick – Head of Business Development, Indiegogo

Adam is IndieGoGo’s business development mastermind, a global visonary who will stop at nothing to bring crowdfunding to anyone, anywhere in the world. Prior to IndieGoGo, Adam founded Distribber where he still serves as CEO. Adam speaks regularly on cutting edge distribution strategies at markets and festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Digital Hollywood & The Apple Store.

Adam was recently named one of “19 Brave Thinkers in Independent Film” by uber-producer Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film Blog. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Adam hit a solo home run to win the championship game for his little league team when he was 12; an achievement he has noticed is more impressive and meaningful to him than others.

THE PANEL will include:

Ross Dawson – Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur

Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and authority on business strategy. He is Founding Chairman of four companies, including the leading future research and strategy firm Future Exploration Network.
He is a best-selling author of books including “Getting Results from Crowds“, a definitive guide to crowdsourcing.

Ross’s frequent media appearances include CNN, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, ABC TV, Today and Sunrise shows & the Washington Post.

Alan Crabbe – Co-founder, Pozible

Alan Crabbe is the co-founder of Australia’s number one Crowdfunding platform, Pozible.

Alan describes himself as a creative tech with  a real passion for taking Crowdfunding to the next level.He has an obsession with and fascination for design, innovation and new creative ideas that change the world.

More event details and speakers yet to be announced!

Remember to use the hashtag #thinkactchange on twitter.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2012 Re-generation: Shape our feminist future!

Don’t have plans for 10th March? Why not celebrate International Women’s Day in a tangible way by joining this march in Sydney?

WHERE: First Fleet Park
WHEN: 12PM – 3PM, 10 March 2012

IWD 2012 Women's MarchThis International Women’s Day join your feminist community for a community picnic, live music & world-changing chatter.

Last year was the 100th Anniversary, so let’s look forward this year!

Meet some fabulous young women & hear their views.

There will be fantastic feminists to chat to.

There will be lots of feminist organisations to find out about.

There will be feminists working for a world where there is creative stuff, fun & fairness for all.

There will be information for you to gather and spaces to talk & share ideas.

There will be fabulous female artists.

There will be you.

It’s your world. Start shaping it on IWD 2012.

Thanks to Miss Representation panel: @evacox @KateSoutham @AWCCI @theburgerman


Thank-you to everyone who braved the torrential Sydney rain last night to watch Miss Representation and participate in the panel session afterward.

Special thanks to our panel members who provided thought provoking discussion:

  • Eva Cox AO (@evacox) – highly respected feminist, academic, and activist, whose work has informed and inspired a generation of women. She has been an active advocate for creating more civil societies.
  • Kate Southam (@KateSoutham) – experienced journalist with a popular career blog
  • Yolanda Vega (@AWCCI) –  CEO of the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • John Bergin (@theburgerman) – Director of Social Media and Digital News, Sky News Australia

There was so much interesting ground we did not get a chance to cover we’ve decided to run an unconference later this year on the same topic. Keep an eye out for details on our Events page.

Stay in touch

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