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Unconference 13th of Aug – where, when & what?

All the details for this Saturday’s Unconference


Cnr of Greens Rd & Oxford St
Paddington (map)

Keynote and Lightning talks will be held in the EG02 lecture theatre.
Map COFA Map (opens PDF)

Unconference will be held in the F Building on level 2, at COFA in Paddington NSW.

Coffee is available on campus.



Structure of the day:

Main room (EG02) Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:30 am Registration
10:00 Key note
10:45 Lightning talks
12:15pm Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
1pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:30pm Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
3:15pm Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
4pm Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
4:45pm Future Kucha
5:30pm Close -
Finale drinks


What’s an Unconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term “unconference” has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as high fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization.

“there is no agenda until .. the attendees make it up.”

For more details see on the Unconference format for #sibsyd see here

See you on Saturday


Map to help find your way around COFA:

(you can download a PDF of this map here too)

Keynote 13 Aug: Anthony Baxter, Google Crisis Response Team

We’re delighted to announce that our keynote speaker for the next Social Innovation Sydney Unconference on 13 August 2011 is:

Anthony Baxter from the Google Crisis Response Team

Anthony is a geek who works at Google Australia. Among other things, he works with Google.org’s Crisis Response team on rapid response to disasters. He also tweets @anthonybaxter.

This team has helped out during a number of disasters, for example:

  • Japan Earthquake and Tsunami,
  • Christchurch Earthquake,
  • Brazil Floods and Landslides, and the
  • Australia Floods.

Anthony is going to talk about some of the Crisis Response activities, things they’ve learned, and some ways that we can help make the world a better and safer place.


About Google Crisis Response

This is a great example of social innovation. It was setup by Google to focus on technology-driven philanthropy via Google.org.

The Crisis Response team works to make critical information more accessible when natural disasters and humanitarian crises strike.

Ways that the Crisis Response Team help out include:

  • Organizing emergency alerts, news updates and donation opportunities, and making this information visible through Google’s wide web presence
  • Building engineering tools that enable better communication and collaboration among crisis responders and among victims such as Person Finder and Resource Finder
  • Providing updated satellite imagery and maps of affected areas to illustrate infrastructure damage and help relief organizations navigate disaster zones
  • Supporting the rebuilding of network infrastructure where it has been damaged to enable access to the Internet
  • Donating to charitable organizations that are providing direct relief on-the-ground

Unconference 13th August: Local Social Innovation Activists Share their Ideas #sibsyd

Less than two weeks until the next Social Innovation Sydney event and we’re excited to announce lightning talks by local activists in social innovation:

These talks will frame the day, and give you the chance to dig deeper into some key issues.

The usual unconference rules apply:

  • there are no bystanders – everyone participates in creating the content, and
  • we all connect openly and help to the create the Sydney that we dream of.

Stay tuned – we’ll announce the keynote speaker shortly.

Next Social Innovation Sydney UnConference Sat 13 Aug 2011

Our next Social Innovation UnConference is scheduled for Saturday 13 August 2011 at COFA in Paddington.

The theme is metamorphosis and it is Social Innovation Sydney’s first birthday!

We’ll be announcing the keynote speaker shortly (stay tuned it’s going to be interesting).

The agenda will include our traditional unconference sessions after lunch, with lightning talks in the morning on topics like:

  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Indigenous Innovation
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • New approaches to Government in the Digital Age
  • The Awesome Foundation

Registration is free and available now.

Final Details for Social Innovation Sydney BarCamp 4 #sibsyd

As usual, there is great community interest in the latest Social Innovation Sydney event tomorrow, and we’re looking forward to another great turn out.

The theme for the day is ‘Resilience’ with our panel discussing what this means in our society and some practical examples of social entrepreneurs who have been able to build businesses around this.

Social Innovation Sydney is also very proud to announce Carla McGrath as part of our panel:

Carla McGrath is a proud Indigenous Australian woman from Thursday Island. Although raised on the mainland, Carla retains strong family and community ties to the Torres Strait Islands.

Carla is the Business and Program Development Manager at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) and a delegate to the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. Prior to joining NCIE, Carla was the Relationships Manager at the Australian
Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). She has also been the National Indigenous Officer for the National Union of Students and is currently completing a Bachelor of Primary Education.

Carla has a unique perspective on the resilience of Indigenous Australians.

Barcamp topics and talks
Many have also approached me to discuss their ideas and topics for the day. Remember this is an open, collaborative event, where everyone’s contribution is welcome.

Kick-off is at 9:45am in the Main lecture room (where the movie screening and all other panel sessions have been held). Please see attached map.

Theatre is in E block under 2;  Bar camp is in f block 1st floor

Map here

See you all tomorrow.

Michelle and Kate

Event: Gathering ’11 To Build Better Futures

Just wanted to let you know about this event in Melbourne on June 11th, 2011:

Gathering ’11: To Build Better Futures brings together leading thinkers, change-makers and collaborators from across Australia and around the world to explore whatʼs possible, and develop ideas on how we can best solve todayʼs most pressing social and environmental challenges.

We’re coming together to ask:

  • How might we tap into the potential of emerging technologies, networks, and systems to co-create a thrivable new world?
  • Where are the opportunities – and what do we need – to build pathways toward a new economy, a cleaner environment, resilient communities, and a happier planet?
  • What can we all do to build better futures?

The Gathering ‘11 program is based on Open Space Technology, with a mix of presentations, participant led discussions and concept development sessions. For the inaugural Gathering we have an outstanding lineup of featured participants from across the not-for-profit, corporate, academic and government sectors including:

  • John Hagel: co-chair Deloitte Center for the Edge (USA) and co-author of The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion
  • Michel Bauwens: Belgian technologist, theorist and researcher on culture and business innovation and founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation (Thailand)
  • Venessa Miemis: futurist, digital ethnographer and writer at Forbes. Blogger at Emergent by Design, founder of Open Foresight and producer of The Future of Money (USA)
  • Pete Williams: social web revolutionary and CEO of Deloitte Digital. Helped rebuild Flowerdale after the 2009 Victorian bushfires and is #hannahsdad (Australia)
  • Kate Carruthers: Marketer, technologist, educator, blogger. Co-Chief Changemaker at Social Innovation Sydney (Australia)
  • Christine Egger: champion of social innitiatives and former Co-Director of Social Actions (USA)
  • Stephen Johnson: Social Enterprise Evangelist and Community Catalyst. Head of Social at Community Engine (Australia)
  • Jean Russell: collaboration catalyst and founder of thrivable.org and thrivable.net (USA)
  • Kristin Alford: Futurist and communicator at Bridge8. Exploring the role of science & technology, in innovation, economic development, social change and sustainability (Australia)
  • Tim Longhurst: Futurist, speaker, minimalist and activist (Australia)
  • Ehon Chan: Researcher, teacher and change agent. Co-founder News Unlimited and YESBrisbane, Board Member at PlanBig (Australia)

At Gathering ʻ11 we will share insights, explore thoughts, develop ideas and lay down the foundations to build better futures for all, together.

Register for Gathering ʻ11 here

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact,
it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Please follow us on twitter and join our facebook page for some great content, discussions and announcements coming soon.

2011′s great start preps community for the May BarCamp – coming?

Thanks again for being a part of all of the recent Social Innovation Sydney events.

It’s been a great start to 2011, a stronger community, connections, collaborations and opportunities for us all to strengthen Social Innovation in Sydney.

The February Barcamp was a great success: recap here

The sold out Economics of Happiness film screening brought together a new section of the community, & the panel gave us their unique perspective on localisation:panel film details
Sorry to the people who had to sit in the aisle (didn’t want to turn people away). It was great to see so many people keen to be a part.

The StartUp Camp over the weekend brought together 25 budding and experienced Social Entrepreneurs to work on Social Innovations. Great people, fluid content and fun learning combined to leave us all motivated and ready for the next steps in building our social enterprises. Wrap-up details here

The May edition of our now famous Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd.

We’re still working on the finer details but, as a past participant, thought we’d let you know to ensure your space as the spots are filling fast.

Register here

The Social Innovation Sydney team are definitely receiving very positive feedback from some of you and from the world wide community. We’re happy to see the impact and know it’s only just beginning.

See you at the next BarCamp.

Contact us at info@socialinnovationsydney.org www.socialinnovationsydney.org

Feedback about Social Innovation Startup Camp No. 1 #sibsyd

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in Social Innovation Startup Camp.

Here are some of the words used by participants to describe how they felt at the wrap up on Sunday:

Participant's Feelings after Social Innovation Startup Camp May2011

One participant noted:

“I left here on Saturday evening totally inspired and thrilled to have been a part of this. Tonight – feeling a little exhausted, but high on the experience.”

and another participant shared:

“I am…

Inspired, motivated – to keep chasing my goals (even if they may be years away from fruition!)

Glad to have been here to listen, participate and learn from social innovators , good to see ‘good’ work being done!”

As part of our open collaborative process the people at our first Startup Camp shared with us the things they liked and which they think we should do more of next time:

  • brainstorming
  • networking
  • team collaboration
  • learning specific skills, e.g. presenting
  • diversity of presenters
  • short bursts of information sessions
  • sharing experiences – fresh perspectives
  • tempo – sessions moved quickly
  • diversity and variety of the content
  • low key and engaging
  • good opportunities for involvement

Some of things they suggested we need to add/improve were:

  • revise pre-Startup Camp communications for clarity
  • clarify the collaborative/adaptive nature of the process at Startup Camp
  • post Startup Camp list of resources and information takeaways
  • get previous participants to attend future Startup Camps to report on their progress
  • include session on research/competitor analysis
  • include session on legal issues for startups for social entrepreneurs

The feedback was very positive and the consensus was that this Social Innovation Startup Camp worked well and is worth running again.

A big thank-you also to our presenters – @grantyoung @totocol @josiethexplorer @DebuSPi @kimosaur @Mia_Will – who shared their insights and experience so openly.

Experiencing a culture of social innovation overseas – Nare Hakhverdyan

Introducing Nare Hakhverdyan. She will be helping us out at the upcoming Social Innovation Sydney events including the Economics of Happiness film screening, StartUp Camp and the end of month BarCamp.

Here’s what she has to say about Social Innovation, her experience of it in Europe and Denmark and why she is excited to be a part of it here:

The world is changing and our community is facing significant challenges. So what are our best options going forward?

As a young woman who is passionate about making change and participating in the global community I decided to cross the ocean and travel to the other side of the globe to find inspirations and exchange ideas on social, cultural and environmental challenges we face together.

In my search of experiencing a culture of innovation in Australia, I was lucky to get the opportunity to work with Social Innovation Sydney.  Lucky because I get the chance to work with something I truly enjoy and care about.  To work with engaged people with ideas who want to create value for society and deliver a social benefit is very dear to me and I can’t wait to really explore this environment! I’m really excited about the upcoming events in May where I will have the chance to contribute with my knowledge within social innovation in Denmark and at the same time be inspired by others. To build global network of individuals to drive social innovation is important as we have come closer to each other due to the globalization.

Culture of innovation is shaped by the national culture, and I am sure that working here in Australia will be a different experience from the one in Denmark.  I have experience in working with innovation in Denmark where I dealt with projects that aimed to equip young people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy. Denmark is one of the most innovative countries and has been labeled as an ‘innovation leader’ along with other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and UK. Social innovation is widespread in Europe and many organizations contribute to meeting social needs where they focus on health, welfare and education services.

The crisis we face today has only confirmed the necessity for change in the way we approach our social and economic challenges.  There are several ways to find sustainable solutions to the challenges and social innovation is now more needed than ever. Any innovation emerges from certain background in society and therefore different types of innovation emerge in different societies. Hopefully this trip will help me to achieve a better understanding of innovation in Australia and will have a positive impact on my engagement in the global community.

Nare Hakhverdyan
Studying economics in Denmark